Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chocolate-chip layer crumbles

So I'm an idiot. I managed to burn myself taking cookies out of the oven, and dumped the whole sheet. A quarter of a batch of delicious choc-chip-oatmeal units, wasted. Fortunately, I have chickens. The cookie blobs were still warm, and the birds seemed to enjoy them, chasing guineas away and gobbling greedily. They paused now and then to wipe melty chocolate off their beaks.

As I suffered, so did Earl.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ordering seeds

We finally got done tweaking and fiddling the two seed orders, and pushed the "complete order" buttons. Funny to think that we still need $120 in seeds when we saved so many of our own last year, and have plenty of spuds in the basement for planting. We ordered all kinds of greens, squash, carrots, cabbages, peas, onions, beans… We like Fedco (good varieties, most open pollinated rather than hybrids, free shipping!) and Pinetree.

We still need beet seeds, but the Ukrainian seed store on eBay is closed. Hope they are OK.

So Em is up cutting wood. The sun is actually shining for a few minutes – a nice break from fog, fog, rain and fog. I'm swilling tea, reading and malingering.