Saturday, October 3, 2015

October in the garden

I think of the garden as all dead now since the tomato plants are black and frost-blasted, but it's still green in places. The greens are still producing a little, the sun chokes are tall and green, the beets are guinea-gnawed but still growing and the kale is unfazed (the rabbits don't like it so it's spared the daily picking).
That's sunflowers up near the entrance, sun chokes at upper right, the last few cabbages at middle left, some shallots or leeks at middle right, the skeletons of volunteer dill everywhere, tall and brown, and the shriveled remains of a frosted tomato front and center.

What is left of Tomato Alley, with chewed beets in the foreground.

Autre the chicken is in the bathroom now after another attack by her sister, Satan's own hen. I left a gate open. I don't want to talk about it.  The teenybopper guinea with the injured leg is still in there, along with the two rabbits. It's becoming a petting zoo.

Funny, she doesn't look evil.