Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mid-April in the garden
As you can see, we're mulchers. C. has been working away at the garden during the week, and I chip in on the weekends. Those are trenches for asparagus roots there in the middle ground. Got those in and mulched. C. started kohlrabi and basil inside. I know it's weird to see a farm garden in place of the usual lawn in front of a school, but I think it'll be less jarring as everything greens up and grows tall. I hate lawns and the American obsession for lawns, anyway. Don't get me started. 

We've got a bed prepared for peas and C. has them soaking. The variety is "telephone" so she cut some taller brush for them to climb, below. Optimist.

Willie had a haircut, which makes him happy. It's turned colder, though, so he's in his manly sweater.

We got the cold frame set up, below. It works beautifully, with all that masonry to soak up the heat. Three recycled patio sliders, plastic and bricks.

C. has tracked down the diabolical flat burrs, below,  that have plagued us since we came here. They stick tenaciously, especially to fabric and dog fur. That's probably a wisp of poor Jack's hair at upper left. I'll look them up as soon as we see what the green plant looks like. They're cleverly designed, aren't they? Perfect for the task.

There's a cold wind blowing up from the valley tonight - supposed to get down to 29F. The day started overcast and cold, turned sunny in late afternoon, then chilly when the sun started down. Capricious place.

We got some more boxes moved out of the gym today, working to make room for the last (?) load of stuff from the basement and yard of the ancestral home, set to arrive Wednesday. This was a pretty good weekend, got some stuff done. Left plenty for next weekend.

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