Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Yep, we've added four adult guinea hens to the mix. Aren't they weird? C. had some years ago and liked them, and we'll sure need the grasshopper and tick control. And they're pleasant in a sort of my-big-weird-favorite-aunt kind of way. You know – polka dot dress, too much makeup, too-loud voice, smelling ever so slightly of powder and beer, and willing to play any dumb card game for hours.

In other news, Himself continues to grow, and Jack's haircut reveals his inner poodle. I'm embarrassed for him.

Below, my awesome new beach/farm wagon. It hauls up to 1,000 pounds and has a rack for an ice chest on the back. And it has baby moon hubcaps. And a shade canopy. And cushions. No brakes, though, so get out of the way if I'm coming at you down a hill with 1,000 pounds of something. It's full of duck poo and straw in the photo.

And check out the rattlesnake pole beans popping out of the ground. 
Seeds and puppies. Life is good.

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