Sunday, September 15, 2013

The roof is on, and Earl breaks his leg... again

So Craig and his crew have finished the roof. They worked hard and did great. Need a hot tar roof? I can recommend them without reservation. Good folks. The crew included a mini schnauzer named Talulah who bossed everyone around. It's been 90 degrees for days and days, but we're expecting a thunderstorm tomorrow so we can enjoy the lack of leaks. Below, here's an expanse of deck with the leaky, wrinkly layer removed. Then the new paper. Then the interface between new and old sections. And the "kettle" tar-melting trailer, alongside a pallet of packages of tar. I didn't get photos of the smoky, smelly excitement of mopping tar. I know. I suck.

And while Craig and his crew were finishing up the big roof, Richard and I were working on the barn roof. Actually, Richard did it all alone as I had heat stroke. Not sure how I did that. Unpleasant, though.
He got about three-quarters of the west side of the roof all cleared off. And the hay is inside and covered with an awesome tarp - a piece of recycled billboard vinyl. (My friend Tom got it cheap from the billboard company. It looks more durable than the standard blue tarp, and is huge.) So we'll continue peeling all the old shingles and nails and crap off, replace a few of the rafters and a lot of the strip sheathing, and slap some metal up there. And we'll be awash in roofs.

Further adventures with Earl

Earl, bless his heart, is an idiot. And so am I for posting about how well he was doing. Hubris, you know. He snapped the same leg making a leap over the big-dog railing in the living room. Even on that hideous but thick carpet. So he's in another splint and we're to meet with specialist tomorrow or Tuesday to talk about what is going on with Earl because it's not enough that his bones are made of paper.

He likes the goats. They seem to share the same viewpoint. That's Pants, below. He's sooooo soft. He and his brother will eat grain out of my hand and I sneak pats on their soft, soft sides.

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