Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter blues

It's winter and snowy and cold. I'm not posting much or doing much. Just waiting for spring.

Azul is dead. C. went out yesterday and found him lying dead in the barn. I guess sudden death isn't unusual for alpacas as they are stoics, not whiners. We knew nothing about his background or age. He seemed pretty happy with his little flock of short-necked buddies, but I know we could have done better by him. The only warning we had is that he let C. pet him the day before. Egotistical human that I am, I thought he was finally warming up to us. It must have been an alpaca cry for help.

Poor Azul. He was a good boy. I'll miss his galumph and hum, and his weird blue eyes.

Our little fellow (who is 25 now), his girlfriend and friend are up to help dig a giant hole. The ground isn't nearly as frozen as I expected. I picked a spot in the middle of three small trees out behind the barn, and started the grave.

I'm bummed.

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