Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birds and banjos

KC was up for the birthday. He can pick up any instrument and make music come out of it. C. and I are jealous – we collect old musical instruments, somehow expecting proximity to produce ability. Disappointed, we hang them on the wall and wait for KC. C. traded a pair of workboots and a rabbit for this four-string banjo-uke. Must have been the spring 1983, at the Tonasket barter fair. I remember Scotty wearing welding goggles as he opened bottles of his homemade root beer. And little Emma sound asleep at Elf's table, sitting bolt upright, clutching a cookie and a banana. Good times.

Henley the chicken has trained C. for grub retrieval. Rotten logs hold some lovely custardy grubs.

Below, the awesome 1960s spinning clothesline makes a fine perch for a buckWHEATing guinea.

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