Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pretty good day so far

It's in the mid 80s with a light breeze. Pleasant. We've been over in the bunny room, plucking Rue and Bob. C. is working on getting their angora fuzz listed in her Etsy shop, Ovinia. She is a perfectionist, though, so first we have to have great photos of each rabbit, and great shots of fuzz. And they all need plucking right now, so we're doing one or two a day all weekend.

You can see the plucked part there on Rue's back and right butt cheek. And you can see how peevish she is by the set of her ears. She is the least tame of all the rabbits, and will readily bite or claw. Not this time, though.
That's a dirty look I'm getting here.

We're beyond broke this month, so I resurrected my squidglass Etsy shop and relisted a bunch of pendants for $10, instead of the usual $16. I had a thriving shop until 2008, when people lost their jobs and quit buying silly jewelry. I've made a few half-hearted attempts to resurrect the shop since, but now I think I might be back in the groove. We'll see.

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