Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday – and August

Another 100-degree day. C. is working on her second batch of pickles. I picked beans and peas, and greens for the rabbits. Filled up the Subaru dehydrator with typhon leaves. Boy, if times got tough and I had a lot of people to feed, I'd grow typhon and sun chokes (Jerusalem artichokes). Easy to take care of, and very, very productive. Not real exciting to eat, but hungry people are easy to please.

We got a little deer damage in the garden last night. White-tailed bouncing bastards.

Autre is limping, so I cordoned off part of the chicken house for her and the two chicks so she can get some rest away from the guineas, who give her a hard time.

The little keets are growing, and are now almost too big to squeeze through one-inch chicken wire. I had to boost a little pied one through the wire where she'd gotten stuck. And we discovered we have 13 of the little guys. Had to count them in a photograph – it's impossible to get an accurate count with them darting around after mom.

I bought eggs and milk from Rose today, and met her new red border collie pup, Fritzie. She has five now, all with better manners than our six barbarians.

I'm recovering from a tough week: a four-hour workshop thing at work where I had to interact and share with my office mates, and a medical test that involved fine needles and electric currents.

It's good to be home. Really good.

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