Monday, December 28, 2015

Nearly the new year

We're kinda snowed in here, during the last week of the year. I don't have to work until Jan. 4. Outside, the snow lies deep and mostly undisturbed. It's heavily quiet.

Tomorrow I'll wallow through 18 inches (or more) of snow and ask the Subaru to start, trek up the buried driveway, through the giant plow berm and onto the gravel road, the paved road, the highway.

So I exaggerate when I say snowed in, but it'll take some little effort to get out. I've got a Sube and a shovel, and that's generally enough. I have stops to make at the pharmacy, the grocery store, the library – then we'll be good until the fourth when I discard the robot jammies and wear shoes to the office. (NOT just shoes.)

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