Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mushroom mustaches

Friday Emma and Liam came up, and Liam stayed with me while Em and C. went mushroom hunting. I think all of us had a good time.

Liam and I worked on our animal noises (he enjoys the sheep), and had a little nap.

Em and C. came home lugging bags of heavy mushrooms. Fall, a few frosts, lots of rain and the forested north side of the mountain mean a pretty good haul.

C. and I sliced some up and loaded the driers. They picked the same varieties we found last time: giant funnels, saffron milk caps and red-gill corts. And a few others, of course, but we haven't identified those yet.  Below, some funnels, all mustache-shaped in the drier.

The wool C. dyed with the first batch of red-gilled corts came out a lovely soft pink-to-cream. She's frozen the leftover dye in case she wants a lighter pink at some point. I think she's planning a darker batch (more mushrooms, less wool) next.

Remember to wash your mushrooms. And leave some for the slugs!

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