Friday, June 30, 2017

Bird bath

I'm sitting here holding a wet chicken wearing a bib. Birdie is still damp from her bath in the kitchen sink, and is eating oatmeal while I blog.

I'm hoping C. will take her and blow-dry her, so I can go tidy the hallway or something. It's 82 degrees out, and we're avoiding the garden until evening.

Earl and I did a little shopping in Deer Park this morning. He was very good, so I bought him a little box of crackers. I let him open it himself – I think he enjoyed ripping up the packaging as much as eating the contents.

Two eggs today.

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  1. We are having a respite from the heat....for the last few days we have had manic winds, storms, and heavy rain. But will have to be doing some repair work in the garden when things calm down. I don't have a wet chicken keeping me company while I write, just a box of chicks twittering away beside me.