Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'll bite you, too

That's C. with Himself in the garden. His teeth are sharper, but I think she could take him.


And he's bigger at 8 weeks. At right, 6 and a half weeks. Our little piglet is growing up. He had his first vaccination and worming yesterday. We expect he will now grow and thrive and become the St. Bernard he was meant to be. (That coat isn't very Australian shepherd-ish, is it? Or border collie-ish. I vote St. Bernard-Toggenburg. Wait until the horns come in.)

Around the place, a tiny green tree frog outside our back door, and a deserted(?) nest on the hill above the school. Pheasant?

The rabbits are spending most days out in their yard in the garden. That's Smokey sporting muttonchops and plotting his escape.

Below, Annie and Jack snuggling, which is weird because she swears she doesn't like him. I guess the puppy makes Jack look good. And she's actually playing with the pup sometimes, instead of trying to kill him or pull his brain out through his ears. 

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