Monday, May 13, 2013

The little nameless fellow loves his headless dinosaur. It started out as KC's dino about 20 years ago, then it was Annie's. She's ferociously removed the eyes, head and a lot of the stuffing. It's still cuddly, though. In a sort of headless way.
It's been really hot until the rain today, and we've been laboring in the garden. We had our first visit from deer - dainty footprints left in the carrot and beet beds - but no damage so far. Lucky! I immediately beefed up the fencing, which is still not finished. I made a rabbit yard out of a couple of cattle panels and chicken wire. It's inside the garden fence so we can supervise while we work. They've spend one day in it and frolicked, hid in the nest box, and escaped through holes in the gate three times. It's all tightened up now, though, so when the rain quits they can go back out.

Here's Kewpie looking very dignified, like a host for Masterpiece Theater.

Here's the garden, shot from the roof. The mulched areas are planted, the bare dirt at the bottom of the photo is where Richard tilled last time, and we're still raking out quack grass and knapweed. And rocks!

You can see the areas on the flat roof that need repair, with the garden and pump house in the background. And the new little crabapple tree at lower left, and the berry patch at middle left. (Maybe berry spot would be more accurate since there are exactly five plants.) Below, the driveway, the pretty red-leafed maple tree and the decayed garage.

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