Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cool stuff in early August

Russian borscht beets made into pickles, below. Lovely, no?

And here's an odd splotchy guinea egg. They are usually solid cream or light-colored and speckled, but this one is all three. And brown.

Below, a lesson in wasp power. There's a paper wasp nest in that roll of garden edging. They're quite tolerant of us messing about near their nests, but I figured banging that t-post in so close might get me stung. So I put that plastic container over the nest and got to work pounding in the posts and trying to prop up the rampant pea vines. (Don't plant this variety of edible-pod peas unless you have some kind of sturdy trellis – not just a branch stuck in the ground – and you really like peas, because they won't stop producing. Even through a hot summer. Even when the vine looks like crap.)

So that's what it looked like, the nest covered so I could work on the peas. I was busy untangling the plants and draping them over the strings when there was a BIG buzzing noise and the plastic cup went flying. Amazing.

So I reenacted the covering to take some photos and to see if they could do it again. I'll check in the morning, and if the wasps haven't removed the cup, I'll do it. (Very carefully, in case they connect the deed with me. Maybe they'll think it was a solar eclipse instead of a meddling human.)

Below, a pair of weird white creatures. The camel and the vulture.

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