Monday, August 19, 2013

The last three-day weekend of the summer

It's going to be hard to go back to five-day work weeks. Sigh. Three days off was just right. One day to run around, buy stuff, go to estate sales, relax. One day to start early and be totally productive. Up at 7, animals all fed, a batch of snap beans in the pressure canner, finish fencing a new small pasture for Azul and the bratty sheep, pick beans and more beans, unpack a few boxes, work on the door onto the roof. And one day to score some great vintage picket fencing on Craig's List, rent a truck, drum up some laborers (thanks M and KC!) and haul and stack it near the garden. When I get time to put it up, it will be awesome.

And when I get the truck running, we'll have lots of straw to pile around the edges of the garden, covering up that crappy-looking cardboard. That will make a bigger garden easier next year. (Except for the rocks, of course.) We plan to double the size, and grow more spuds and kale and just about everything. Maybe not beans.

Above, Azul waiting to tell me he's hungry, and then stuffing himself in the new pasture. 

Below, here's the window I'm enlarging. (And yes, it's scary how easy it is to disassemble old brick walls.) It is set way high in the wall of the little office upstairs in the gym. We need way to reach the roof besides the crazy old ladder that's been propped against the gym for years. The roof is cool, and C. has never been up there. I want to go up in the evening and watch the stars, which are right overhead. And I'm not climbing that ladder in the dark. Bottom, August's full moon from the roof. It's not a great photo, but the view is lovely in person.

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