Monday, November 11, 2013

Mushrooming in November

Five of us went mushrooming and wood-cutting Saturday. We spent about three hours in deep cedar and fir woods with lots of downed trees and needle-carpeted clearings. We didn't find anything great - a few chanterelles, lots of russulas and many, many ones we couldn't identify. Fun, though.

Not sure if these are the horn-of-plenty mushrooms that are supposed to be delicious, or some club types that are not. There were hundreds of them.

I didn't pick this one, but I'm pretty sure it's a mouse-pee pinkgill (Entoloma incanum). (No, I'm not tempted to eat anything named mouse-pee.) It's the greenest 'shroom I've ever seen, though.
Here's a spore print, helpful in identifying mushrooms. You just remove the stem and lay the cap gills-down on colored paper for a few hours.

Below, Richard checks out a big one. And bottom, he found a hollow stump with cascades of these lovely little sticky golden ones growing inside.

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