Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December already

Well, stuff has happened. Time has passed. I guess.

The cold snap is over. It was bitterly cold, down to -2 one night, for the last week, but has warmed up. Nearly 30 today. We just hunkered down and kept the fire stoked all week. Didn't do anything extra. There was pumpkin pie, though, and mashed potatoes and excellent mushroom gravy.

The big animals have access to the barn, finally. Azul is still suspicious but the goatlings enjoy romping in the straw. Not sure what the sheep think about it. They just look at me with those wonky sideways pupils. My friend Terry says that their eyes look like slotted screws that adjust their ear angles. It's true!

C. took some fowl photos today. Here are the two checkered hens in the door of the chicken house - or the chook shack as I'm calling it.

 And here's one of the guineas, mottled wattles akimbo, sitting blandly in the field. They've been going out a little since it warmed up.

The weekend is coming, and we're planning to get wood, wood, wood. The cold spell depleted the woodpile most precipitously.

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