Saturday, December 21, 2013

Make that... snowy December

Suddenly we have snow, about three inches, and everything is lighter and brighter. I'm OK with that. The roads and driveways are still passable, so I don't yet have to get the riding non-mower ready to plow. No work until Jan. 2. Just lots of time to do what needs to be done (make some presents, sleep, loaf, work on a few house projects...).

The barn has become the hangout spot for the big animals. Below, you can kind of see the goatish brat on the wrong side of the pallet partition. I'm trying to get the openings big enough for heads and horns, but too small for fat goat bellies, without getting anybody stuck or trapped. It's a work in progress. I think the barn is a success, though neighbors shake their heads. Yes, I know the foundation is busted and tilted in about four places – but the frame is solid. I think it'll stand (swaybacked) for many more years. We've spent a total of $140 for used metal roofing and $5 in roofing screws. The rest is free pallets, found lumber, and time. Mostly Richard's time. :) And KC's. Thanks, guys.


Above, Savvy uses a fence post to scratch an itch under her huge winter coat. I like the chunks of snow on her back.

The boys and I rambled around a bit to check out the snow.

That's the boss chicken there at the gate, and a huddle of guineas. At bottom, the early winter greenhouse. We'll enclose it and start plants there next month.

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