Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas vacation...over

I'm supposed to be back at work tomorrow after two weeks of lolling and frolicking. I can't even imagine. Get up at 6? Snort. Sit at my desk, wearing shoes, being polite – even productive? Huh.

So it's been wonderful. I lost track of the days – there were so many rolling off into the future.  I got a few things done – patched the power lines to the girls' locker room and bathroom, so now it's bright in there! Got started installing the vacuum. What else? Read several books. Slept. Chatted up the sheep. Threw the ball for Early. Threw the ball some more. Did some cooking – cheesy crackers, double-chocolate brownies. Surely there was more... ? Oh, hauled a set of kitchen cabinets we picked up cheap from a guy in the valley. Attempted to make a cool present for one of the little fellows – it was an utter failure so I gave him some commercial thing instead.

One of the leghorns laid her first little egg. We're so proud.

So it's over. It was good. Sigh.

Below, the new light in the locker room, from outside. Now I need to find a cool fixture for over the door.

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