Sunday, January 19, 2014

Long weekend in January

The bunnies are 11 days old and their eyes are nearly open. The black one is turning interesting colors – is he a chestnut agouti? A siamese sable? It's fun to watch and speculate.

I've got several projects started, and chip away at one or the other depending on the light and cold. Working on moving my Bullseye 10x10 sheets of fusible glass onto the funky metal shelf I found at a photographer's estate sale. The studio has stacks of glass all over, on top of tables, on the floor, still in boxes... it'll be great to have them all shelved by color and ready to use.

Can't find the damn plumber's epoxy putty to fix the leak in the roof drain pipe. Don't want to risk water damaging the electric box right under the drain so it'll stay dark in there until I find the dang putty or move the box – dumb place for it, anyway.

Spent some time organizing the disaster that is the tool zone in the gym. Not that you can tell.

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