Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weiner duo

Em and Richard were up, and they brought their new dachshund, Isabella (on the right). I think Annie's nose is out of joint. They are about the same size. Isabella is maybe a little pudgier, and her front feet turn out like seal flippers. Annie's are very straight and tidy, like little hooves. 

Isabella belonged to Richard's mom, who is very ill. 

Below, guinea tracks in the snow. The birds loiter around the chicken yard until they get fed, then flap up into the giant pine south of the house. I've read that guineas are good watchdogs, but mine are uninterested in visitors. They do object to me driving the noisy old truck, and march over and CHUCK-CHUCK-CHUCK at me until I turn the thing off. It's like being scolded by vampire librarians.

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