Sunday, January 26, 2014

Domesticated mushrooms, and wood

The Fungi Perfecti mushroom kit is fruiting again. The first shot is from Thursday, the second, Friday. They grow a  lot in a day! We had one last night on open-faced sandwiches, broiled with cheese and sweet onions on homemade wheat bread. Mmmm.

Em and KC came up and we got another month of wood from our favorite DNR spot. We broke in the new Jonsered saw. Em says it goes through wood like buttah. Our old one (bought used on Ebay) turned out to be seriously dead.


KC cleaned the creosote out of the chimney topper, below. Em spent some time with the baby bunnies, and with Badeaux, our big red dog who doesn't have much time left. It was a good day.

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