Friday, January 10, 2014


Warm and snowy. Took the day off. Vet appointment for Badeaux. Dug the berm out at the gate, found a tire flat on the Subie, tried Fix-a-Flat but it was old. Changed the tire (spare is a donut, jack stuck in the holder, lugs stuck, cussed a lot. Feh.) Got to the vet 15 minutes late. Dr. Cassandra was really nice, as always. Badeaux has an aggressive mouth cancer, fibrosarcoma, no effective treatment. So she has steroids and antibiotics, and will have a few months before it interferes with breathing and swallowing. She's 12 and pretty spry, but it was starting to swell and hurt and irritate her eye. I'm grateful the vet didn't want to do surgery and try to get a few more months. Not worth it. Poor old Doober. We'll try to have some fun with her before she goes.

Haven't seen the bunders yet today. There's a leak in the roof drain over my studio door that I've been meaning to fix. The melting snow has made a mess there. Now I'll fix it AND clean up the mess. Procrastination, you are my master.

Making brownies. Wish Badeaux could have some.

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