Monday, January 20, 2014

January at the ranch

It's the middle of January, and the ground is bare except for icy spots in the shade (like the path from the north door to the barn and mailbox). Another warmish day – 35 degrees or so – and cold enough at night to put a skin of ice on the chicken water.

C. is plotting her seed purchases. We inventoried leftovers from last year – lots of tomatoes and squash, zero beans and greens. Unfortunately we can't buy more until payday at the end of the month. Hope our varieties aren't sold out.

The bunders keep growing fur and round bellies. The first guy is my favorite, with his fat head and belly, and ever-evolving coloring.

We read we're supposed to check them daily, and rub any full bellies to make them pee. I guess mom is supposed to do that, but we're the backup team. C. got peed on yesterday.

I ran power from an outlet in the locker room to the vacuum and beyond that to the wall. Cut three pipes out of the wall so I could use their channel for the cable. I do basic wiring but cuss the whole time. It's hard to get all that wire to fold back into the box when you're done. Either I am tragically weak, or there is a trick to it. I should go to YouTube and watch Big Tony for tips.

The two leghorn pullets are laying an egg every day now. Roz the Rhode Island red is a slacker.

Fritata for dinner. Mmm.

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