Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rainy weekend

So I spent two hours this morning with a retired couple who volunteer with the sheriff's office taking fingerprints and helping deputies keep an eye on the area. Nice folks. They dusted and photographed the poor violated truck and completed a great many cards and forms. They got a good print from the door handle – maybe the rat bastard will get in some trouble.

Meantime, I'm chaining (but not locking) the driveway gate at night, and parking and locking the car close to the building.

I took a photo of the cut cables for Richard, who says they'll be easy to replace. I don't know – there seem to be a lot of them.

C. made a huge pot of veggie soup, complete with little tomatillos floating on top like bubbles. We had it (with fresh bread and farm butter) for dinner. She's got seven jars of it in the pressure canner now, and there's more in the fridge for tomorrow. I'm happiest when the fridge is full of food. I made rice pudding, brownies and the bread after the fingerprinters left. Must be a comfort thing.

Spent the day putting a door on our space. It's one of the original classroom doors that I found in the entryway. Found the jamb in the gym, the door plates on another door in the gym, and the knobs in our collection of interesting objects. The knobs aren't quite right, but will do until I can figure out how to get the square rod thing out of the latch mechanism and replace it with a shorter one. There's some sort of clip holding it in there – never seen one like that. I'm glad that most of the doors are still here, but in my less grateful moments I wish the Mad Remodeler had left them all in place – or at least left them with knobs and works intact, still hinged to their jambs and labeled with original locations. Ah, well. So the door is up and functional, and I don't miss the heavy plastic curtain that's been hanging there for a year and a half. I pulled the particle board off the opening in the top, and will pop some glass in there tomorrow if I have a piece big enough. (I could do a leaded glass window if there weren't so many urgent things to do.) There's another door opening in the living room still covered with plastic, but we're planning to turn it into a built-in bookcase.

Mrs. Davis is still looking tragic but is doing well. She is getting around pretty well, just a slight limp, and she is eating like a pig. Nobody is picking on her. I hope she'll be able to fly when she's all healed up. We've been keeping them all in the chicken yard since it's grey and rainy out.

C. has been working on bringing in the last of the produce in from the garden, as well as the stakes and tools and hoses and such.

Tomorrow we should get wood, unless it's too wet and miserable. And maybe go mushrooming.

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