Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The rainy season

The rain continues, outside and in. Wear your umbrella hat when you go into the bathroom. I remember now that fall is very rainy. And you don't dare become miserable because winter is coming. And at least rain is not snow. We're waiting for the new roof guy to come up with a plan. I wish he'd hurry up.

I've been replacing panes in the old windows in the girls' locker room. It's not bad work, except that it goes on forever. Twenty panes in this one, and another 12 above the door.

 I moosh the stuff in the grooves, let it set up a bit, then come back with a putty knife and try to make it look good. That little thing above is the spring-wire clip that helps hold the glass in place.

It the good news department, SIL Richard replaced the butchered wiring in the truck! Wooohooo! I'm going to get to go to the dump. I just know it.

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