Thursday, November 27, 2014


We're having a quiet day. All the kids are doing the holiday thing other places, which suits me fine. I don't like fuss. I do like the food traditions (no surprise there) but the whole thing has always seemed like a big slap in the face of Indians. "Hey, come to our big party! Later, you won't be welcome at our parties or in our homes or businesses. And we'll take all the land and kill all you red people." Not an attitude I want to celebrate.

Anyway, the kids will be up tomorrow, and we'll have some pie and hang out for a bit. We'll probably try to get them to move heavy things. We'll try to be subtle.

We're totally broke, as usual, so I'm trying to get some glass Santa ornaments listed in the Squidglass Etsy shop. It's pretty warm out, about 50 degrees, so working in the unheated studio is possible. I cut some red glass circles the other evening, and put them in the kiln this morning. It's amazing and wonderful to have an art space! I scribbled the kiln schedule on my chalkboard. My chalkboard. My studio. The idea makes me grin.

C. dug another bucket of sun chokes. We plan some house cleaning. Woohoo!

C. has been photographing the bunnies. She wants to list angora fuzz in her Ovinia Etsy shop, and include portraits of each rabbit. Despite the window, it's still too dark for photos in the rabbit room, so we'll need to take them in the bunny yard.

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