Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's always something...

First snow of the year today. It's all melted in town, but not out here.

I have a three-day weekend!

I'd been home about four minutes when C. found me and said the bunny room was flooding. Sure was. We hauled the rabbits to our bathroom, Smokey's room. I turned the pump off at the electrical box, and pulled some sheetrock and insulation from the wall outside the rabbit room. A pipe had frozen and split during the cold spell, and had just now thawed. Huh. I cut it and capped it off (just happened to have a three-quarter inch CPVC cap) and turned the pump circuit back on. I think we're OK now. So we have a pack of damp, hairy barbarians in the bathroom (not Smokey – he's very civilized). I could tell Crystal was thinking about redecorating. I suppose we can stand it for a night. The rabbit room flooring, cardboard and newspaper over concrete, is a sodden mess that we'll tackle in the daylight tomorrow.

We just heard a weird noise – something big falling down a flight of stairs? Thunder? The "new" dryer freaking out? It's hard to tell since the damn dogs instantly start barking. We think it might be the rabbits thumping and fussing in their new space. Or flamenco-dancing goats on plywood. We'll tackle that tomorrow, too.

There's apple pie. Could be worse.

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