Thursday, December 18, 2014

Playing catch up

Merry Christmas!

Haven't posted for ages. What has happened over the last three weeks? C. dug up all the sun chokes, and they're packed in sand in the hall. Um… Em and Richard came up and hauled firewood several times. I went to work. Oh, yeah, the rabbits chewed a water supply line and flooded their room, and had to be moved in the middle of the night to our bathroom, where they stayed for a week. And what a week! Cheeky little bastards. But after we dried out the rabbit room, we put Smokey in first and now he is the Rabbit MAN. No more beatings from his uppity sons. Or his uppity daughter. He seems happy to be with his fellows, but I miss him a little. So our bathroom is now rabbit-free, and litter-box free, and rabbit-den free. AND LEAK FREE, because I poked my head up into the attic, mapped the leaks, traced them to cracks or popped nails on the roof and patched them. We've only had minor rains, but it's holding so far. Huzzah! And tonight, just a little while ago, there came a booming crash. Now part of the bathroom is ceiling-free. A whole section of sheetrock, tired of being dripped on, came right down. How weird is that? And the roofer showed up. That's pretty weird, too. He put some magical sticky rubber stuff on the leaking drainpipe in my studio, and measured and contemplated the extremely porous drain by the back door. He also suggested we put another dry well in the west dog yard to take the load off the main dry well, wherever they put it in 1936.

Here are some misc. photos, including Earl being froggy, and the bathroom former ceiling.

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