Friday, December 26, 2014

Recovering from Christmas

It's warm in here, and quiet. The kids were all up for the Christmas thing yesterday, and we overdosed on Telli's fudge and took turns opening presents. It was good. Everyone was here, and everyone was gracious – even about their weird, handmade, grandma presents. We have a nice bunch of people in our family.

Of course I rushed around and made presents madly in the two days preceding the event. In posh years C. and I make and buy presents. In tight years, we make everything. Those poor children. :) We're all just lucky the kids are past the age of requiring fancy electronics or sports gear now that we have a giant house payment and animals to support.

So C. made K. a philosopher's scarf, grey and black wool fashioned into a rude-gesture motif. It was cool. I made KC a Man Necklace from parts ripped from a car at the junkyard. C. made Em a felted anatomical heart pin with beaded arteries and veins. I made R. a fishing charm out of a vintage brass lure. I cleaned up and waxed some old tin ceiling tiles for folks to hang on the wall. And C. made me a Flat Earl floor cloth that looks just like Earl laying frog-legged on the floor. It's awesome.

It's always fun to see what the kids get each other, and the thought they put into the presents. No, they don't make the presents, but that's OK.

There was apple pie and baklava and fudge and soup. And fake mustaches and general silliness. It was good.

We're worn out. And I have a hell of a mess to clean up on the dining room table where craft supplies have been dragged out, and failed experiments are piled up. Like the 22 shells I tried to drill for more Man Jewelry (don't try it without a drill press!) and the buttons sticky with expired epoxy. Maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow.

I'm working up to consuming more fudge.

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