Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beautiful weekend

It's been 70 degrees out, sunny and gorgeous. I'm working on a PVC watering system for the garden, and Em and Richard came up and we worked on the new goat pasture. Their come-along sure makes fence-stretching easy. We got the south side nearly done, from the chicken yard down to the pump house. It was a gnarly job since the posts are in an very uneven line going down the rocky hillside.

C. is getting the garden in shape. She's planting kale and shallots today, and maybe some spuds from our sprouting stores.

Spring is definitely here. The skeeters are out. And the pair of swallows has moved into the gym ceiling. Makes it kind of fun to go in there and see them darting around.

C. is really good at finding things. Here is a crap photo of an amazing find – she lifted a rock and there was a wiggling blue-tailed-skink lizard tail. Just the tail, wiggling like crazy. Skinks can discard their tails when threatened by predators. As a survival technique it worked perfectly – we were so distracted by the bright-blue tail we didn't pursue the black-and-white lizard. He must have been completely freaked out by the lifting of the rock. On the right, a Wikipedia shot of the whole lizard.

Another sign of spring – a tiny bumpy tree frog on the north patio.

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