Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Garden report

Yesterday C. transplanted half a flat of Rosa Milano onions into the garden, and planted Lincoln peas, and transplanted half the tomato seedlings into larger pots and I moved them into the greenhouse. Day before, she planted leaf radishes and white Russian ruffles kale and matador spinach. On the weekend she planted two beds of potatoes. Planted a few shallots (can't find most of the ones she saved for seed). Transplanted strawberry daughters. Planted pod peas. So we have three or four fat rows of peas (I requested more shell peas last year and boy am I going to get them!).

The little cabbages have come up in little hoop house, but aren't doing much. The leaf radishes in the greenhouse have been appreciated by the rabbits as the first greens of the year, but they'll be pulled out to make room for the rest of the tomatoes. We'll be watching the forecast carefully, and pulling out the electric heater if needed to keep the tomatoes alive. They grow like crazy when they get out from under the plant lights and into the greenhouse. And weather willing, we can put them into the garden in a couple of weeks.

C. puts in long hours in the garden every day, planting, raking, spading over beds, reinforcing terrace walls. It's looking good.

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