Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alas, little bat

We have Townsend's big earred bats here, small, handsome fellows who keep the motion-detector porch light on most nights as they hunt. They're considered a "whisper" bat, with relatively quiet echolocation so they can sneak up on the wily moth. Sometimes they fly through the hallways, and maybe once a year one will get stuck in the big, echoing building and die here. I'm always bummed.

C. found this little dead one under the buffet.

Aren't those ears magnificent?

He's like a little dog with an umbrella. And rabbit ears – though he could furl those ears and pass as an ordinary bat when he was alive. They mate in the fall and bear only one pup, so it's no wonder their numbers are low.

We usually get the pink tule bat net out and help the little guys outside, but we missed this one. 

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