Sunday, September 25, 2016

Keep it clean, boys

The iguanas said they were thirsty. So I boobled over and filled their water trough, an old bathtub from the Ancestral Home. Well, first I scrubbed the tub out. There was a coating of red algae, and a greasy ring. Yuck. Then I dragged the hose over and began filling it. The boys were interested. Appalling didn't even spit at me.

He was drinking as soon as a few inches of clean water pooled in the bottom.  Then I scrubbed out the backup water supply, a couple of buckets over by the gate, while the tub filled.

I turned around, and there he was, regally immersed.

This certainly explains the ring around the tub.

After bathing, they made camel belching noises, and wandered off to the barn to eat.

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