Tuesday, October 18, 2016

From fluff to feathers

Aw... they grow up so fast, don't they? The keets are growing wing feathers. It's pretty amazing. Yesterday they had little tubes there – today, it's actual feathers.

The pied one on the right is the scratcher. She climbs right in the food dish and digs furiously, sending everything flying. They're having chopped cabbage, from the kraut works, garnished with chicken crumbles. Mmm.

C. is working at the sauerkraut again.

That's one cabbage in there. I think she's up to three now, and the 10 gallon crock is full. I think she pounds it down next, and makes room for a couple more. Salt gets sprinkled in every so often.

I found this little guy on my shoe in the hall the other day. He seemed pretty happy sitting in his clump of Earl hair. I took him out to the greenhouse. Probably pissed him off – that's a long way to hop back in.

I'm back working from work tomorrow. It's already feeling weird, with two weeks to go. 

The dreary grey weather continues. Fall.

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