Saturday, October 29, 2016

October = rain

The keets are 19 days old today, and getting tall and feathery. You can see their baby down peeking out between real feathers, as if they had tamarack needles underneath broad maple leaves.

They are not especially friendly, squeeping and fleeing from any giant hand that arrives with food. But it doesn't take long for them to come back for the goodies. They'll eat corn meal out of my hand if I hold still. At left in the top photo you can see Teeny, the littlest brown one. She swallowed a long, long thread from cloth I put in the bottom of their box, and spent a couple of days all humped up and miserable. By the time she recovered, everybody was bigger.

We started them on a cloth surface (learned better!) then moved to the recommended paper towels (which they ate with gusto) and now we're trying sand. They ate a lot of sand (with gusto), too, but it should be healthy for them, going to their crops to help grind their food.

They're not much trouble now. I hope they stay smallish and quiet until we can move them into the chicken house.

We've got a seventh dog for a while – Walter the pug dog is staying while his family welcomes our great-granddaughter home. Our DIL had a C-section, and can't have a fuzzy little jackass jumping on her for a couple of weeks. He's been a good boy. He says the food is good, and the company passable.

I've officially left my employer, though there is a little more work and some packing to do. The separation was celebrated with pizza and apple whiskey. Early retirement, here we come!

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