Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A short tour

Here's the giant coal-fired boiler in the basement. It's a monster - wouldn't it be great to get it running again, on wood? I'd like to stoke the huge firebox, watch the gauges, send steam off to the far ends of the building. Maybe put in some radiant-floor heating...

Previous owners had converted two of the bright, sunny classrooms to living units or apartments or pods or whatever you want to call them. I took this standing in the doorway of Unit 1, looking across the entryway into Unit 2. These are the only three spaces with original flooring left (not counting the gym, which is in lousy shape).

This is the kitchen in Unit 1, from the doorway. The cabinets are roughed in and the island is a desk set up on glass block. I think this was an office. The wall has been opened up into a passthrough to the old classroom, below.

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