Sunday, August 31, 2014

Canning on a Friday night

I'm canning seven quarts of green beans in the pressure cooker. I snapped them while rewatching an episode of "Warehouse 13." Is rewatching a word? Great show. Good beans.

C. picked the beans over a few days. At least the deer left us some!

We ate the biggest tomato so far – 20.5 ounces – yesterday on sandwiches. It made two, with some slices left over for dessert.

The garden is running our days now. C.'s days, anyway. She picks greens by the laundry-basketful for the rabbits and the big animals. Tomatoes are everywhere in the kitchen – ripening in bowls on the counter, waiting for the jar in the fridge. Ghostly white mini cucumbers and patty pan squash fill the crisper drawers. C. canned four quarts of dill pickles and three of tomatoes last night, and I made eight loaves of zucchini bread and a pan of brownies. Most of the z bread is in the freezer, for the far-off time when zucchini sounds appealing. Right now the damn things are everywhere, and growing threateningly larger.

Guineas in the zucchini squash.

Indigo Rose tomatoes. Funny that they are really purple, and Prudens Purple tomatoes are
pink. And then there are Violet Jaspers, a small streaky red-and-green variety.

Our tomatillos are HUGE this year.

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