Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mid-August, and a bat extraction

We're up early, for a weekend. It's the last installment of the four-part estate sale in town.

The weather has gone cooler and rainy. It's wonderful.

Time to think about getting wood in, and doors up. (After the estate sale.)

The sale was good; we brought home treasures and some lumber. And grandson KC came up with friends Cullen and DJ to camp. They slept on the roof under the giant stars we have out here.

We had a bat in the building, and this time it didn't end badly with a little grave outside. Cullen and I modified an old fishing net with duct tape and pink tulle, and I bumped the bat from a tall corner into the net with a stick, and Cullen folded the net over the little guy and carried him outside, where he nimbly clambered out and flew off. We stopped briefly for photos in the hall.

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