Sunday, August 10, 2014

First firewood

Yesterday we hit the fabulous Deer Park book sale, and that and some garden work took up the whole day. Improvised some bookshelves in an unused doorway to the old girls' bathroom. Ate giant-tomato sandwiches.

Today we answered a Craig's List ad for free firewood from a couple in Riverside that had a medium-sized pine hit their house in last week's wind storm. So we have a couple of loads of green pine for next winter. They have two more downed trees we can get next weekend. Pine isn't the best for heating, but it's OK, especially when mixed with fir and larch. And it feels good to be slightly ahead on next winter's wood supply (especially since we haven't started on this winter's supply yet).

It's funny that they were giving away the wood. They heat with pellets. I think that's nuts. Pellets don't grow on trees – you have to buy them. So they have perfectly good firewood that they can't use because it isn't chopped up and extruded into little tubes. And the hopper-feeders on pellet stoves run on electricity, so in a power outage you've got nothing.

It's hot out. I should be climbing the ladder and looking at the underside of the roof sump box in the girls' locker room. It leaks like crazy there, and rain is forecast for midweek. I hate working on a ladder.

C. started to can borscht yesterday, but the pressure cooker wouldn't hold a seal. So we have seven jars of red Russian soup in the fridge. I think I know what's for dinner. I guess I'd better order a new gasket online as we can't be without the canner.

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