Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another Blessed Event

It must be spring. C. was outside today, and up came two of our guineas (Tiny Wattles and one of the guys) with four tiny little striped babies. This is where I'd insert an ├╝ber-cute photo, but Annie the dachshund walked by and unplugged the computer just as I was downloading my probably brilliant shots. So here is a generic pic to stand in. Our little keets look just like this, only smarter. Like quail chicks, really.

We didn't notice T.W. missing for the 28 days it took to hatch her eggs. Pathetic, I know. These are her first babies, and she's huddled with them on the hill down to the pump house. She looked a little vulnerable so I put a nesting box (cat crate) nearby. I hope she moves in there where she can keep the keets warm and contained, and be able to defend herself if the neighbor's cat comes by. (Last year I had to take eggs out from under a guinea hen, and it was daunting! She puffed herself up to fill the entire doorway, squapped viciously, and pecked the crap out of my hand. Daily. No cat could stand up to that.)

If T.W. moves into the crate we could easily scoop it up and relocate the whole family if it seems prudent. Guineas are wilder and more independent than chickens, but they can be really dumb about raising offspring. C. had guineas years ago, and let them take care of themselves. I worry that ours are dumber.

Anyway, four more mouths to feed! Woohoo!

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