Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New digs for mom and chicks

Autre, not the brightest candle on the cake, was trying to teach the chicks to scratch inside the cat kennel where they live, sending straw all over, dumping the food and water dishes and making a huge mess. So we made a little chicken yard just for them, with lots of grass and dirt and bugs, and moved the kennel in there. She's not sure she likes it. I think she'll come around.

Looking from Autre's yard into the big chicken/guinea yard. The shrubbery – not too big,
not too expensive – is a Siberian pea.

There's the little grey guy, waiting for ma to show her what to eat.

She's part araucana - note the big fat mutton chop sideburns. It think the other one
will grow up to be a striped-ass bird,

The tiny black-and-tan chick didn't make it. The other two are getting leggy and strong.

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