Saturday, June 6, 2015

Deer Park book sale!

The Friends of the Deer Park Library are awesome people. They unpacked thousands of books and set them out on tables, sorted by genre, and held the first official book sale of the year this weekend. The prices: whatever you want to pay. We love those guys. I bet they've cut the winter suicide rate around here by half, at least.

We hauled five or six boxes of books we've finished to the auto freight and RV storage place where they hold the sales, and spent a couple of hours browsing and chatting and filling boxes with new stuff. I couldn't find the fiction section at first – it was on the other side of a big RV.

Then home and a little reading until it cooled off outside, and some gardening. I'm working on raking and picking the quack grass out of what will be an extension of Tomato Lane. C. planted six tomatoes and two kinds of Russian patty pan squash, dug quack grass, and picked lettuce, radishes and greens for a giant summer salad. She'll have salad for dinner all summer long. I'll have a little. It's just so dang healthy (and makes such a huge crunchy noise in my head). Meh.

We're hoping for a blessed event in the chicken house this weekend. Otra's four eggs are due to hatch any time. We'll have to get food and a waterer ready for them.

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