Sunday, April 3, 2016

Glorious spring weekend

Finally, a sunny, warm weekend. It was beautiful out, and we worked in the garden and puttered around. I tallerized the snaggle-tooth fence with a spool of electric-fence wire and 2x2s. It's meant to keep the goober goat brothers out, and deer as well. C. has planted Virginia creeper vines along it, so it soon should be looking more charming than decrepit. That's the plan.

My portable fencing toolkit, with the spool of wire on a piece of rebar so I can
pull wire off and feed it through holes in the posts. It's way too warm for a flannel shirt!

We didn't get to see the new grandbaby this weekend. He's 11 days old and still in intensive care. His mum has a cold and his dad has been exposed to it, so they can't visit, and no one else is allowed in without a parent. They've been spending hours there every day, until today, and Em is really upset and missing him. He's a big strong 7 pounds, and we know he'll thrive once he gets his basic systems working better and can come home.

So we stayed home and gardened. C. found some pieces of old curbing down by the lower gate while she was looking for Dovey, our last and lost hen. We hauled it out of the bushes and plan to use it in the garden in one of the low terrace walls. We're pleased to find anything from the old school days, and  to be able to reuse it in interesting ways. Maybe because we're hippies. Or history buffs. Or weirdos. It is amusing to think of past owners hauling stuff off and dumping it in the ditch, and us coming along and digging it out and using it again.

Chunks of curbing being hauled from the car to the garden.

One flat of my tomato seedlings, with big beautiful plants, was moved to the greenhouse, ready for repotting. The other flat is a dud, with sparse spindly plants. Must have done something wrong.

C. is brushing Mo the goat. He's the one with the sensitivity to goat lice, and we've tried a couple of different treatments. I think we're winning, but his coat is still patchy. Keeping goats is so educational.  Just think – I could have gone my whole life without meeting any goat lice.

C. brings bunnies one at a time into the living room for brushing and plucking. Here's Crystal looking sleek and squishy.

We're getting to know Graham better, since he is our only chicken and considers us his girlfriends. He's always cooing at us and showing us choice bugs and tasty seeds. It's kind of pathetic.

His feet are very weird. He's half silkie, a fuzzy-footed five-toed chicken, so he has this freaky double-toe thing going on. That's his spur there at the right.

So other than worrying about the baby, it was a most satisfactory weekend. Sunny and warm, after weeks of dreary cold rain. Worked hard. Made brownies. Ate same.

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