Friday, April 29, 2016

End-of-April update

Well, Bambi the sheep is settling in. She likes the pasture. The other big animals tolerate her, and hope that we'll give them all grain because she is so pretty. Sometimes we do.

Walking Bambi to the barn. She thought the halter was totally bogus.

Em, Richard and Liam came up the other day. It was awesome.

I've been potting up tomatoes like crazy for the Garden Expo sale. I visited Barbara, who starts hundreds of plants every year, and bought a few of her sauce tomato seedlings and some of the cups she uses for plant sales. It's genius - she melts drainage holes with a wood-burning tool and the cups fit 12 to a bin. The pots are maybe on the small side for big tomatoes, but you can't beat them for portability. That's Barbara's white duct tape on there for labels.

Dovey's chicks are growing. She's not really pissed off - it's just the big black eyebrows that make her look crabby. Below, Graham says, "Wahoo!" He says that a lot.

And we have wisteria blooming. Always wanted wisteria, but never felt worthy. It was a crappy-looking thing laying flat on the ground when we moved in. The goats "pruned" it repeatedly (and it's supposed to be poisonous). It's sprawled on the ground at the east corner of the building, and it's blooming beautifully. We're planning a rustic pergola.

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