Sunday, May 1, 2016

Earl is my copilot

And he's had a good few days. Thursday we bumbled into a stranger's birthday party, and while he didn't get ice cream and cheesecake (I did), he got to hang out with a half-dozen new dog-friends and was admired and patted by new people-friends. Saturday he went to an estate sale and made friends while I rummaged for treasures in a rusty garage. We had Zip's ice cream cones after. His was in a cup, and he was so pleased to remove and inhale the strange crispy cone and find… more ice cream! Ice cream is probably the best thing ever, we agreed.

These events were preceded and followed by one of his favorite things – riding in the car. Earl digs the car. Weekday mornings he hops in and sits while the car warms up, then goes back inside when I leave for work. He waits in the car when I drive a few hundred feet to the barn to feed Dovey and the little chicks. Sometimes C. will come along and claim the passenger seat, sending Earl to the back, and he manages to be polite about it. He's a good boy. Doesn't he have an excellent rubbery nose?

We caught Pants the goat and C. combed the cashmere off him today. He's been leaving tufts of it around the pasture and on the chicken-yard door, the brat. (Yes, C's hair is purple. It matches her hideous muumuu, which I believe I bought for her. The other day I asked her opinion of some new-to-me Hawai'ian shirts I'd bought, and she laughed. "You're asking someone with purple hair?") Pants was alternately calm and hysterical, and managed to eat a quart of grain, leap onto a picnic table and pee on the muumuu before we were done. Now we are tired.

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