Monday, May 30, 2016

End of May

Hurrah,  a three-day weekend! It's partly sunny/partly grey out, with enough of a wind to keep the skeeters off, mostly. The garden is shaping up nicely. C. planted more carrots today. The tomatoes are getting big enough to need supports, and the beds of greens are lush enough to provide the bunnies with a big bowl of salad every day, which makes them pee a lot. (As the person who cleans the rabbitat, I know this.)

We sheared half a sheep today. Which? The left, I believe. Savvy's left. She's looking rather dashing and punk. I'll get a photo tomorrow. If we were 20 years younger we might have sheared the whole sheep, but half was quite enough for me. She was an ass, as usual, lunging and fighting. She kicked me in the face once. Didn't break my glasses, though.

I've built a chicken tractor out of PVC hoops and fencing. The idea of the tractor is to harness the natural scratching action of chickens to clear out grass and weeds and turn the soil. (You can see their natural aptitude for this in the barren dirt of their yard.) Tractors also make use of the chicken's natural pooping power, a mighty force. So we hauled my 3-by-8-foot contraption (christened the Lobster Pot) out to a grassy spot at the edge of the cultivated garden, populated it with Graham and the three newish hens, and sat back to watch our garden expand through no effort of our own.

Progress is slow. The birds mostly pace back and forth, muttering threats.

We have a fresh batch of brownies. The kids are coming tomorrow, with little Liam. And we'll probably shear another half a sheep. Woohoo!

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