Monday, May 9, 2016

Yes, we can all get along

I walked the new boys over to the barn, and now can't get them to leave it. They've tried and approved our grass hay. They've made friends with the goats. Now the four of them are a little herd, and the sheep have split off into their own herd. Flock. Whatever. Bambi, the new sheep, is now a real member of the group. I was beginning to feel sorry for her, eating lunch by herself and walking home alone. Now she has besties.

I spent most of the day making hats for cabbage heads out of chicken wire. You'd call them cloches, if you were French. Toques if you were Canadian. Ski hats with pompoms is what I say. C. wore one around the garden for a while and declared it satisfactory. Just the thing if the chickens develop a thing for purple hair.

We took a trip up to the backside of Mt. Spokane and cast around for mushrooms. No luck, but Earl and Annie had big nose fun.

The chicks are getting bigger and weirder. This girl looks like a bald eagle, but probably won't after her beard and goofy headgear come in. Note the feathers on her legs.

This one has a row of silly feathers on the top of her head. I think she wants to be a cartoon bird.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Sigh.

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