Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy peony and first salad

C. shot some photos of the peony she brought from Spokane three years ago. It likes it here.

She also made our first salad of the year, pretty good for mid-May. We didn't grow the avocado, the cheese or the dressing (but we did grow the arugula, spinach, asparagus, maruba santoh, miner's lettuce, dried tomatoes and onions).

Jazzbert, our little foofoo dog, is secretly an adventurer. And a slob. I like that about her. Jazzy goes into the garden looking like this:

 and gets comfortable.

Sometimes, when the muse amuses her, she makes art, which she brings back stuck to her butt.

C. retrieves it and mounts it tastefully on a bit of wood. This is Jazzy's piece, "I am a Horsewoman." It's my favorite example of her mature work.

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